Baldwin County Public Schools
Gulf Shores Elementary Gulf Shores, AL

Parental Involvement Plan Meetings

  September 13, 2013 - Gulf Shores Elementary Parental Involvement Plan Meeting
The GSES PIP Committee met on September 13, 2013 at 8:30.  Julie Pierce, Eliza
Huskey, Tracey Sweat, Paige Griffin, Corrie Southern, Carli Levy, Kimberly Ray, and
Mary Ann Krouse were present.  
The first item was to review the GSES Parental Involvement Plan.  Minor revisions were
made. Facebook and a counseling blog were added as new communication tools.  Open
House has been replaced by grade level orientations.  Math videos for parents have been
added to the school website.  The plan will continue to be revised by the School
Improvement Lead Team and presented for approval in October.
The next item on the agenda was to review the Title I budget.  The FYE 2014 was noted
as being $247,000 that is down $33,000 from the FYE 2013 budget. In light of the
BCBOE decision to purchase iPads for all students in grades K-2, the PIP committee
recommended using the $32,000 budgeted for iPads to hire personnel to assist with
student instruction after the budget is amended.  Additionally, parents supported using
funds to pay teachers for quarterly evening Math Parent Help nights.
Parents were offered an opportunity to adjust the School-Parent Compacts.  No changes
were necessary.
The next item on the agenda was general comments and feedback.  First parents
expressed support for the separate grade level orientations, and asked that classrooms be
open, start at a later time in the evening, and prerecord general announcements to be
viewed in the classroom.  School safety was the next area of concern.  Parents felt the
community would feel more comfortable if the teachers had panic buttons.  The final
topic of concern was how to promote communication with parents.   Ideas included
encouraging teachers to keep Parent Portal updated along with their classroom websites.
Parents expressed appreciation for the use of electronic websites like Moodle.    
The next meeting scheduled is November 1, 2013 at 8:30.